Re-Blooming Azaleas

Another fresh shipment of great quality plants, a few maples, some nice spring and fall blooming Encore Azaleas, and a few other goodies. Scroll down for the full list

Azalea Autumn Fire

Azalea Autumn Fire

Lithodora ‘Grace Ward’

Lithodora ‘Grace Ward’

Viburnum davidii

Viburnum davidii

  • Acer palmatum ‘Beni Otake’ - Beni Otake Japanese Maple

  • Acer rubrum Redpointe - Redpointe Red Maple

  • Acer x freemanii ‘Autumn Blaze’ - Autumn Blaze Red Maple

  • Azalea Autumn Bonfire - Autumn Bonfire Encore Azalea

  • Azalea Autumn Carnation - Autumn Carnation Encore Azalea

  • Azalea Autumn Embers - Autumn Embers Encore Azalea

  • Azalea Autumn Fire - Autumn Fire Encore Azalea

  • Azalea ‘Ward’s Ruby’ - Ward’s Ruby Azalea - Best true red azalea in our opinion!

  • Cordyline Electric Pink - Electric Pink Cordyline

  • Lithodora ‘Grace Ward’ - Bright Blue Flowers!

  • Nandina domestica ‘Fire Power’ - Fire Power Dwarf Heavenly Bamboo

  • Photinia ‘Fraseri’ - Red Tip Photinia

  • Rhododendron ‘The Honorable Jean Marie de Montague’ - Bright Red Blooms

  • Viburnum davidii - David’s Viburnum