Flowers and Veggies!

Need some color? We’ve got it! A fresh shipment with a nice selection of Ranunculus, Primerose, and Pansies to brighten up those garden beds and patio containers. We also have kale, spinach, lettuce, snap peas, and more for your early season garden, and the first round of tomatoes for those of you that can protect them from the cold for the next few weeks. Scroll down for a full list of new plants from Eisley Nursery.






  • Gypsy Broccoli

  • Golden Acre Cabbage

  • Bright Lights Swiss Chard

  • Renegade Spinach

  • Lacinato Kale

  • Walla Walla Onion

  • Eversweet Strawberry

  • Fort Laramie Strawberry

  • Ace Tomato

  • Early Girl Tomato

  • Snap Peas

  • Snow Peas

  • Artichoke


  • Wonderland Purple Alyssum

  • Antique Shades Pansy

  • Delta Purple Wings Pansy

  • Majestic Mix Pansy

  • Majestic Yellow Blotch Pansey

  • Sorbet Violet Flare Viola

  • Johnny Jump Up Viola

  • Pacific Hybrid Primrose

  • Ranunculus