Cool Conifers, and More!

So, we got a shipment from Iseli Nursery, they grow the coolest collection of conifers, as well as Japanese maples and a few other odds and ends, they always send us gorgeous plants, but there are limited quantities so come by soon for the best selection. We also got an order from Suncrest Nurseries, also gorgeous plants, peonies, perennials and ornamental grasses. Also, we got more veggies, two more shipments this week, lots of cherry tomatoes for those of you that keep missing them.

click for a picture of Taylor’s Sunburst Shore Pine

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More Flowers and Veggies!

We just got a couple fresh shipments in and the tables are filling up with color. We also got some more veggies, the first of the bell peppers and heirloom tomatoes are now in stock, still a little early to put them in the ground but some of these varieties will go fast so start collecting your wish list items now. We still have a good selection of spring veggies to plant now, spinach, lettuce, chard, kale, snow and snap peas, ect.

click for flower pics and a list of tomato varieties

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Flowers and Veggies!

Need some color? We’ve got it! A fresh shipment with a nice selection of Ranunculus, Primerose, and Pansies to brighten up those garden beds and patio containers. We also have kale, spinach, lettuce, snap peas, and more for your early season garden, and the first round of tomatoes for those of you that can protect them from the cold for the next few weeks.

click for more pics and a full list

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