Summer Blooming Perennials

Lots of new plants in stock this week!  A butterfly bush called 'CranRazz' with the biggest flowers I've ever seen on a Buddleia.  Lots of salvias, russian sage, dianthus, perennial hibiscus with BIG red blooms, five varieties of yarrow, five varieties of daylilies (on sale now 3 for $16) and much more.  Come by and check it out!

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Maples Hostas and Ferns

Have lots more plants in the nursery over the last couple weeks, we have gotten trucks from Loen Nursery out of Oregon with some nice maples, Monterey Bay Nursery sent us some nice ferns and perennials.  Hydrangeas from McCall's Nursery and Hostas from Monrovia Nursery.

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Our Tables Are Overflowing With Plants

Tons of bedding plants in stock!  Four inch pots of Calibrachoa, Wave and Supertunias, Salvias, Lantana, Gaura, Coleus, Cape and Marguerite Daisies, Bidens, Bacopa, Bee Balm and much much more!  Six packs of Petunias, Marigolds, Zinnias, Cosmos, Begonias, Impatiens, Snapdragons, Lobelia , Alyssum and Celosia to name a few.  More coming in every week!

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