April - California Poppy Day is April 6th

Fertilize all plants if you did not last month with DR.EARTH ALL PURPOSE 4-4-4 or GREEN ALL 16-16-16

Mulch around plants and trees to discourage weeds. Leave 3”-6” from all trunks and use a layer 2-4” deep. KELLOGGS organic compost, bark chips, or shredded cedar are great choices.

Prevent unwanted fruit from forming on liquidambar, flowering plum, sycamore, olive etc by usingMONTEREY FLOREL GROWTH REGULATOR

Start seeds outdoors-begin to plant veggies

Check for snails, slugs, and ear wigs use MONTEREY SLUGGO PLUS. Safe around veggies!

Thin fruit to allow remaining fruit to grow larger and prevent limb damage

Time to feed citrus with DR. EARTH CITRUS FOOD and check for Citrus Leaf miner damage-put out traps if necessary

Prep garden beds by adding organic matter, compost, and/or manure. KELLOGG’S ORGANIC SOIL BUILDING COMPOST is formulated for our heavy clay soils, GB Planting Mix is perfect for raised beds, and Malibu Compost is a great top dressing for all fruit trees.

Continue to use Deer repellants to prevent the deer from eating your yard

Clean out the dead foliage in your evergreen ornamental grasses

May - Time to plant everything

Prep your veggie and planting beds by adding GB Organic Planting Mix or KELLOGG’S ORGANIC SOIL BUILDING COMPOST-bring us a dirt sample if you are not sure what to add.

EB Stone Ultimate Recipe potting soil is practically perfect-you can’t get a better soil than this-use it for everything.

Fertilize your garden-the past few years have been hard on plants-use ORGANIC fertilizers please. Dr. Earth, GB Organics and Max Sea are a few good choices.

Plant your veggies garden outdoors-our veggie starts are cold frame grown so they are ready to live in your garden when you get them.

Fir Mulch your trees and shrubs to help get them through the drought. GREEN ALL Fir Mulch will bring the soil back to life-happy soil needs less water and helps keep the plants healthy in stressful times

Check for snails and slugs-we have SLUGGO PLUS to help you combat the buggers

Check for aphids on the roses-we have a safe treatment for you. Takedown by Monterey OR release lady bugs to eat the bad guys

Deer Repellants work when used often-the drought is in its 4th year-you are going to need deer repellants this year. We have Liquid Fence and Deer Stopper-they work

June - get ready for summer

You can still get your veggies in the garden-be sure and enrich the soil with organic matter/compost

Place Fir Mulch soil conditioner around your trees and shrubs to help get them through the summer.GREENALL Fir Mulch will bring the soil back to live-happy soil needs less water and helps keep the plants healthy in stressful times

It’s OK to put in your citrus, berries, grapes-they will be happier in the ground than in that black nursery pot.

Prune spring flowering shrubs to keep them full and healthy-then feed them with organic fertilizer

Replace cool season annuals with heat lovers like gazania, vinca, portulaca, petunias, salvia, begonias and zinneas

MULCH MULCH MULCH-a layer of mulch/compost/bark with save you a lot of water and keep your plants happy in times of stress