What's Hot for Fall 2014


Smart Pots- fabric grow bags/pots that increase yields and save water. Perfect for raised gardening and patios. Use them for just about any veggie-fill with potting soil and plant

Mailbu Compost-100% organic, biodynamic, sustainably created. Probably the best soil amendment available

Buís blend potting soil


Earth boxes and mini earth boxes-save water, easy to use perfect for kids and seniors. Fully container garden boxes

Roses-they are in and they are beautiful-roses take very little water once established and live forever

Rhodendrons-perfect for under Oaks and pines. Slow growing and requiring very little care once established. They begin to bloom in late spring into summer


Edibles-veggies-nuts-berries-make the most out of your garden and water by planting things you can eat. Ask us how to replace older plants with edibles in your landscape. Our edibles are locally grown in California for us and selected because they do well in our area.

Crape Myrtles-perfect for our hot dry summers. They love our lousy soil and just need a little water to get them growing

Cactus and succulents-our selection is very nice-perfect for containers and hot dry areas