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Feed your lawn with BOLERO LAWN FOOD, GB ORGANIC LAWN FOOD, OR DR.EARTH LAWN FOOD to keep it healthy and green

Feed your entire yard with DR.EARTH ALL PURPOSE 4-4-4 to insure healthy, strong plants going into winter

Continue to monitor watering-September can be one of our hottest months

Begin to divide perennials and move them to their new homes

Last feeding for camellias

Time to feed citrus with DR.EARTH FRUIT TREE FERTILIZER

Plant cool season veggies-broccoli, cabbage, brussel sprouts, spinach, lettuce, chard

Visit the nursery for fall blooming plants such as asters, mums, Iceland poppies

Watch for deer damage! Try a deer repellant such as “DEER STOPPER” or “LIQUID FENCE”

Fall blooming camellias and spring blooming bulbs


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gold finch2

De thatch, aerate, and reseed lawns-stop by for our lawn handout with step by step instructions

Start new lawns-we have a handout for that too!

Use pre emergent lawn fertilizer to prevent weeds in your lawn (if you are not seeding)

Plant California Natives and drought tolerant plants, the fall/winter rain will help insure success

Plant wildflowers seeds-especially CA poppies

Shop for the best selection of mums, Sasanqua Camellias, spring blooming bulbs this month

Prune summer bloomers late in the month

Apply pre-emergents to your flower beds, barked areas, gravel walkways etc. to prevent weeds from germinating. We recommend PRE-SEEDER WEEDER OR MONTEREY WEED STOPPER LIQUID. A little prevention now-will prevents tons of weeds later.

Plant cool season veggies-broccoli, cabbage, brussel sprouts, spinach, lettuce, chard

Plant a shade tree-fall is the best time for planting! Get shade and fall color at the same time. Use GREENALL FIRMULCH and or DR.EARTH STARTER FERTILIZER to give your plant the help it needs to get established


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water lily

Feed your lawn to help it through the winter. This is a must for all fescue type lawns.

Continue to plant spring blooming bulbs-use DR.EARTH BULB FOOD to make them happy.

Plant now-fall is perfect for planting all shrubs, trees, groundcovers. Warm days and cool nights are perfect to get plants established. Be sure and use SURE START or DR.EARTH STARTER and FIR MULCH.

Last feeding for Citrus until spring

Apply cover crops to slopes to help prevent erosion-we can help you make the right choice

Compost your yard trimmings and leaf litter-make your own “great dirt”

Live Christmas Trees, Japanese maples, and Dogwoods arrive

Clean up spent blooms-prune summer bloomers

Snails and slugs are active again-bait with MONTEREY SLUGGOPLUS


Check irrigation-shut off if rains come-drain drip systems and protect from freezing

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