Honey Do

May - Time to plant everything!


Prep your veggie and planting beds by adding GB Organic Planting Mix or Kelloggs Organic soil Building compost-bring us a dirt sample if you are not sure what to add.

Fertilize your garden-the past few years have been hard on plants-use ORGANIC fertilizers please Dr. Earth, GB Organics and Max Sea are a few good choices

Plant your veggies garden outdoors-our veggie starts are cold frame grown so they are ready to live in your garden when you get them

Fir Mulch your trees and shrubs to help get them through the drought. GREEN ALL Fir Mulch will bring the soil back to life-happy soil needs less water and helps keep the plants healthy in stressful times

Check for snails and slugs-we have SLUGGO and SLUGGO Plus to help you combat the buggers. Check for aphids on the roses-we have a safe treatment for you. Takedown by Monterey OR release lady bugs to eat the bad guys

Deer Repellants work when used often-the drought is in its 4th year-you are going to need deer repellants this year. We have Liquid Fence and Deer Stopper - they work

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June - get ready for summer


You can still get your veggies in the garden-be sure and enrich the soil with organic matter/compost

Place Fir Mulch soil conditioner around your trees and shrubs to help get them through the drought. GREENALL Fir Mulch will bring the soil back to live - happy soil needs less water and helps keep the plants healthy in stressful times

Itís OK to put in your citrus, berries, grapes-they will be happier in the ground than in that black nursery pot.

Prune spring flowering shrubs to keep them full and healthy-then feed them with organic fertilizer Replace cool season annuals with heat lovers like gazania, vinca, portulaca, petunias, salvia, begonias and zinneas

MULCH MULCH MULCH - a layer of mulch/compost/bark with save you a lot of water and keep your plants happy in times of stress

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July Ėcheck your irrigation often


If you still have lawn-aerate it and apply a layer of compost to get the most out of your watering Monitor your lawn for dry spots and adjust your watering if needed

If you are giving up your lawns-now is a good time to let them die out and get the soil ready for lower water plants

Check container plants for moisture daily-containers dry out quickly on hot windy days-micro bark or a thin layer of compost with save water-water with the water you are conserving in the shower

Be sure to give your plants deep infrequent watering to help them through the summer-mulch their roots too. Crape myrtles are blooming-come in for the best selection

Continue to feed roses, deadhead and mulch

Hose down plants occasionally to wash off dust and discourage spider mites

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August Ėitís hot, plants are slowing down


Continue with Julyís list!

Leaf prune fruit trees after harvest to keep them shorter-if you are not sure how to do this, come in for help!

Feed summer veggies for fall harvest-use ORGANICS

Dead head crape myrtle for repeat bloom

Continue with LIQUID FENCE or DEER STOPPER to keep the deer away-if you are not using it-better start!

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