Fall Frequently Asked Questions

My lawn looks terrible, what can I do to?
Summer is hard on lawns, and fall is the time to fix them. Older lawns may need to be dethatched and aerated and over seeded as the weather cools. The warm days are perfect for seed germination. After dethatching and aerating, clean up the grass plugs, apply one inch of Gardner & Bloome Organic compost and reseed at 1 pound of seed for every 100 sq. ft. Follow that up with Dr Earth Lawn fertilizer.

If you do not need to renovate, apply Bolero Lawn Food or Dr. Earth Lawn Food to prepare your lawn for winter.
I water all day and my lawn still looks bad, what is wrong?
Most people over water their lawn. A healthy lawn should survive with watering every other day. Check for irregular sprinkler coverage, run off, and soil compaction. Please see our article on lawn care. If you are watering in the morning and at night-stop it! Do not water anything after 4pm. Evening water encourages fungal diseases. I like to water at 4am and 8am, splitting the time needed between the two waterings. A lawn needs one inch of water 2-3 times a week to stay healthy. This takes some effort, but your lawn will thank you for it. Bring a sample of your lawn in for further help (a 12 inch square is perfect and easy to replant).
Can I plant this time of year?
Fall is the best time to plant, the days are warm, nights are cool, and the soil is still warm from summer. Fall planting allows the plant to establish a root system through the winter months and begin to actively grow in the spring. You will miss the spring fever by planting in the fall!
fall road
My plants look tired and blah?
Now is the time to feed your entire yard with a multipurpose fertilizer. We recommend Dr Earth Multipurpose or Dr. Earth LIFE for most of your yard and Dr. Earth “specifics” for some plants individual needs, stop by and get our suggestions. Fall feeding helps your plants get ready for winter. Try a top dressing with FIR MULCH to bring your soil back to life and rejuvenate your plants.
I am having a party and want to brighten up my patio/yard, what can I plant?
It is time to freshen up your containers and planters with cool season annuals like pansies, violas, poppies, flowering kale, snap dragons, and primroses. Adding fall blooming perennial like mums, asters, sedums, and grasses will make the yard beautiful. For those who want to add larger plants, crape myrtle, oak leaf hydrangeas, Japanese maples, and dogwoods all provide beautiful fall color. For more fall color suggestions-see our October Newsletter.

We offer customized planting of containers at the nursery or on site at your home for a small fee.
Something is eating my plants?
The cooler nights will bring back snails and slugs in full force. Monterey Sluggo , or Sluggo Plus will help safely kill them and protect your plants with no danger to pets and wildlife. Dr. Earth snail repellent is another option for those who want to spray their plants.
When should I prune my summer blooming plants?
Late fall is the time to prune your summer bloomers like hydrangea, hibiscus rose of Sharon, crape myrtle. Fall is a great time for general summer clean up and light shaping.

We do have “garden gurus” who can come out and assist with specialty pruning if you want some additional guidance. Contact the nursery for more info and pricing.
How do I prevent all these weeds? They are everywhere- in my bark, rock/gravel areas, patio.
Applying Pre emergents in the late fall and spring will significantly reduce the number of weeds in your planters, walkways, gravel/rock borders. Pre emergents prevent seeds from germinating, they will not control or kill established weeds. They come in granular or liquid form. After a few years of consistent usage, your weeds will be decreased by 90%. Pre emergents are safe to use around plants since they just stop seeds from germinating. Try Pre Seeder Weeder, AMAZE, or Monterey Weed Stopper this year and enjoy fewer weeds next year.
Am I supposed to be spraying my fruit trees with something? Why am I doing this?
Late fall, right after leaf drop, is the time to spray your trees with dormant spray . Stop by the nursery for the latest products. We will have some new products to try out this Spring. Spray three times, Thanksgiving, New Years, and Valentines Day. Weather permitting. Trees need to be dormant (without leaves) when you do this. Plan on spraying when it will not rain for 24 hours. Spraying with dormant sprays helps prevent overwintering insects like aphids, mites, and scale and helps prevent diseases like peach leaf curl, and powdery mildew. Be sure to clean up leaf litter from under the trees before you spray and then spray under the tree.
Can I plant my bulbs now?
Shop now for the best selection and then…Please wait until after Thanksgiving. Then plant away- the soil is cool enough in the late fall. We do carry a selection of deer resistant bulbs too.
Can I prune my dormant trees yet?
Our pruning clinics start in January, please be patient. For those who can wait, remember to prune out no more than a third and remove dead, damaged, and displaced branches.


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