Spring/Summer Frequently Asked Questions

Something is eating my petunias, geraniums, and penstemon flowers. There are little holes in the flowers and leaves.
Chances are you have little worms, “bud worms” eating your plants. Spray with Monterey Bt every 7-10 days. Bt will kill the worms but not hurt the beneficial bugs in your yard.
Something is eating my plants, jagged holes in the leaves.
Snails and slugs are very active at night in your garden, try using SLUGGO or SLUGGO PLUS and no irrigation after 3pm. These products are safe to use in the garden and safe to use around pets. Watering at night provides a great environment for snails and slugs and also increases you chance of fungal problems.
There are “bees” in my trees and they are ruining my BBQ!
Summer is the time for yellow jackets, hornets, and “meat bees”. BBQ weather brings them out in full force. Using yellow jacket traps will help cut down the population. Checking your trees for aphids, which the “meat bees” eat, will help. If you suspect aphids-controlling aphids with a good jet of water should knock down the population.
It looks like I have “spider webs” and “black specs” all over my leaves. My plant looks like it is drying up.
Summer is the time for spider mites; they love hot, dry, dusty conditions. To check for mites-hold a plain white sheet of paper under the leaves, crumple the leaves a little; if you see small red spots, about the size of a pin point, then you have spider mites. Thoroughly spray the plant with water and then treat with MONTEREY TAKE DOWN GARDEN SPRAY, or treat with BAYER ADVANCED 3- IN 1 INSECT, DISEASE, AND MITE CONTROL in-1. This new systemic product will protect plants for up to 30 days with one application. Stop by the nursery for more information.
By mid summer, my lawn looks terrible, what am I doing wrong? I am watering it a lot.
Lawns need a little TLC to make it through the heat of summer. Feeding with DR. EARTH LAWN FOOD and adjusting the mower height to 2”-3” will help keep it healthy. Most people over water their lawns in the summer. Watering deeply and infrequently encourages deeper roots -daily watering encourages shallow roots and increases your chance of fungal problems. Before you increase your watering, check your sprinklers for proper coverage and run off. If you have a lot of run off- aerating and dethatching will help allow the water to penetrate the soil. Remember no water after 3pm. If with proper watering the lawn still looks bad-you may have lawn insects that are damaging the roots of the grass. Treating with BAYER COMPLETE INSECT KILLER FOR SOIL & TURF OR MONTEREY WILL control fleas, ticks, ants, grubs, and many other lawn insects. MONTEREY ALL NATURAL LAWN GRUB CONTROL safely controls lawn grubs in your garden organically. See our article on lawn care in the “Article Library”.
I planted trees last fall/this spring; do they need any special care over the summer?
Deep watering young trees helps them get through the heat of summer. Most sprinklers only water the top 6” of the root ball. Using a 5gal bucket or soaker hose will allow the water to slowly wet the root ball. Moist not muddy. Layers of mulch or bark chips will help keep the surface cool-keep all mulch/bark 6” away from the trunk. Allow the soil to dry out between watering. Check each tree individually for moisture. Remember to feed them in the early fall with DR.EARTH 4-4-4 or Gardner& Bloome 4-4-4
What can I do to help my plants through the summer, I just keep watering and they do not look better.
More plants die from overwatering in the summer than under watering. Like people, plants wilt in response to heat; it is a survival technique, adding more water often “drowns” the plant. When a plant “drowns” the roots actually rot and then cannot take up the water. The plant looks wilted when in fact it is soaking. Deep watering infrequently rather than sprinkling daily encourages healthy roots. Applying a 2”-4” layer of “mulch” such as bark chips or compost reduces evaporation, cools the roots, and prevents weeds. As the mulch breaks down it improves the soil too.
Some “animal” is making a mess of my yard-they are digging up all my bark.
Chances are the local wildlife is enjoying the bugs in your yard. Squirrels, raccoons, skunks and possums like to dig up barked areas to get the worms. If you can’t live with the natural pest control-try CRITTER RIDDER by HAVAHART. It is a safe way to repel unwelcome critters.
Is there anything that I can use to stop moles, voles, and gophers?
MOLE MAX is a deterrent made from dried castor oil, used in the yard it safely moves moles, voles, and gophers to other areas. It is safe to use around pets and will not kill the moles, voles, or gophers. One application lasts 3-4 months. We do have traps and mole deterrents too.


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