Weathering the Storm

weathering the storm Owning a nursery is kind of like gambling…or riding a roller coaster-there are highs and lows and some big bumps along the way. Some days it’s really fun and some days it’s pretty scary. After 15 years of being in business, I can honestly say-what a bumpy scary awesome ride we have been on. We have weathered this storm, the recession, the drought, and the ever changing gardening trends in the garden industry. Not that long ago gardening was the number one pastime or hobby…now it is competing with the electronic world and social media. Plants have come and gone with the trends, landscape styles changed with the climate and housing market, and our customers have evolved with us. That brings us back to the roller coaster…sometimes you just don’t know where it‘s going.

Change can be good and sometimes it takes a few “bumps” to find your way. We love what we do and our love of gardening and being outdoors is something we hope to share with our customers. You will be seeing quite a few new ideas, trends, and plants at the nursery this year. We decided to go “huge” into the world of miniature gardening-fairies, gnomes, mystical creatures are all over the gift shop-for those who are not into the little things-we jumped full force into the cactus and succulent gardening trend (actually we tread lightly-some have prickles). I like to think of it as super low water fun stuff. We have expanded our selection of edibles-you asked and we heard you. Growing organically and eating healthier introduced the nursery to new customers every day.

Stop by and visit-we missed quite a few of you during the “brown is the new green” years. I think you will be happy with the changes we have been making. We want you to love gardening as much as we do and strive to make it easy and accessible for everyone. Smooth sailing with all the water we have. Feel free to ask questions, give us suggestions, and let us know what we can do to bring you back into the “green”.

Juliet Voigtlander
El Dorado Nursery & Garden, Inc.
530 676 6555