Welcome to the land of little things!

fairy gardeningIt took Chris a little while to get with the programÖbut he finally got on board with the latest gardening trendÖminiature gardening! Some people call it fairy gardening and create cute whimsical gardens perfect for woodland fairies and elves. Some like to create homes for gnomes, trolls and ewoks. For those who like the wild- wild west-we have all the fixings to design a ghost town complete with tombstones and buzzards. Whatever your style-we have the perfect accessories for your garden.

We put a lot of thought into our collection-it is whimsical, classic, fancy, and fun-something for everyone. Brendan has been very busy creating mini gardens for just about everyone. Even if you are on the fence about this-stop by and check it out-we really thought long and hard about how we wanted to embrace this. Keep an eye on our web page for future classes.

minature gardening Miniature gardening is a fun way to introduce kids to gardening-it takes up very little space and can be done all year long. It is really fun for all ages. You can create a garden in just about any space, container, or yard. It can be done with real plants or fake plants-just depends on what you want to do with your garden. You donít even have to be creative, silly, or like cutesy things-we have such a huge (haha thatís funny) collection you are bound to like something. I have seen some amazing gardens created with old wash tubs, broken pottery, or tucked away under a big old tree! Itís the perfect way to keep on gardening when you may no longer have a big yard or maybe are an apartment dweller.

Stop by and see our collection-it is affordable and surely there is something that will catch your eye!

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